GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP— March is WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH and the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office is recognizing Galloway Township Police Chief Donna Higbee, who is Atlantic County’s first female Police Chief. Chief Higbee has said it’s always been important to serve in law enforcement and give back to the community in her hometown of Galloway Township.

“Chief Higbee is as fine a chief that any law enforcement agency could want to lead them. She is intelligent, organized, and clearly communicates her vision to the members of her agency.  Most importantly, she understands the needs of her community and works hard to ensure that those needs are served every day.  Galloway Township is fortunate to have a leader of her caliber and I enjoy collaborating with her to make our County safer,” said Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon G. Tyner.

Chief Higbee who was born and raised in Galloway Township was sworn in as the chief of the Galloway Township Police Department in July 2015. Chief Higbee is the third generation of her family who settled a section of the township known as Higbeetown off Route 9, near Smithville. Chief Higbee’s father John Higbee, also a police officer, retired from the Galloway Township Police Department in 1999 after a 27-year career. Chief Higbee attributes her success to her father and mother Gina.

“When I was a young officer back in 1982, I had the pleasure of working with Chief Higbee’s father John Higbee. John was a patrol officer with Galloway Township and I was a Patrol Officer with Stockton Police Department.  Officer John Higbee was one squared away officer.  His uniforms never had a wrinkle.  He was all spit and polish.  He would always greet me with big grin and strong handshake.  He was a very positive influence on me and gave me great insight into this profession,” said Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of County Investigators Bruce DeShields.

Chief DeShields said he has had the pleasure of working with Chief Higbee since she started her career at the Hamilton Township Police Department.

“When Chief Higbee went to serve at the Galloway Township Police Department, we continued to work on many cases together. She was also one of my Crisis Negotiators before she left the team as she moved up through the chain.  Chief Higbee remained a strong supporter of the Crisis Negotiation Team and ACPO has always had her agency’s participation,” Chief DeShields said.

Chief Higbee is an active participant and positive force in dealing with the community, Chief DeShields added. She is a member of the Opiate Task Force and always looking for ways to have positive interactions between her department and the residents of Galloway Township, he said.

“Knowing Chief Higbee’s family, you can clearly see why she is a natural in this profession and why she has been so successful in her career,” Chief DeShields said.

Since 2019, Chief Higbee has taught Police Operations at Atlantic Cape Community College and she also serves as the President of the Atlantic County Chiefs Association. She will complete her term as President of the Atlantic County Chiefs Association in January 2021.

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