Stockton Celebrates Earth Day from Home

For the first time in 50 years, there are no public Earth Day gatherings, but the Stockton community is still celebrating from their homes and backyards.  

Although this may not be how a milestone anniversary is typically celebrated, the stay-at-home orders have resulted in needed environmental changes and a break for Mother Nature. Right here in South Jersey, migratory shorebirds and turtles are arriving to empty beaches for undisturbed nesting and clearer skies are wowing stargazers.  

Both Stockton and Earth Day are celebrating their 50th anniversaries this year, and one Osprey remembers the inaugural Earth Day and Stockton’s early commitment to maintaining an environment for excellence.  

Here are Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home with Stockton 

  • Meet Pam and discover how the lake was formed on the Stockton’s Natural World blog managed by Jack Connor, professor emeritus of Writing. 
  • Watch a pair of Ospreys live on the Friends of Forsythe Osprey Camera. The pair had an egg earlier in the season that was lost in a storm, so viewers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new clutch of eggs.    
  • Learn about farm-to-table dining on Assistant Professor of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies NoelCriscione-Naylor’s class website they are launching for Earth Day. The students present research posters on topics ranging from wine and beer to livestock and herbs and profiles on local businesses and organizations that provide sustainable options for food and best practices in reducing, reusing and recycling.   
  • Since the first Earth Day, North America has lost more than one in four of its birds, totally nearly 3 billion birds lost. Watch the “Gone Missing 3 Billion Birds” lecture and panel discussion that Stockton recently hosted featuring a panel of experts who present the research that found and quantified the decline and share how we all can protect our backyard and urban bird populations.   
  • Join Aaron Stoler, assistant professor of Environmental Science, for a kayak ride on Lake Fred and a lesson on the theory of island biogeography. He will be going live on the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics’s Facebook page at 3 p.m. on April 24.

This year, the Stockton Environmental Club picked up trash along Jimmie Leeds Rd and Pomona Rd, which they adopted through @ACUA_Green. They also presented a proposal for a partial plastic ban on campus.

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