Our Civil War Cannon the “Jaime Lee”

Military Funeral Honor Guard cannon - the "Jaime Lee"
Military Funeral Honor Guard cannon – the “Jaime Lee”


The Jaime Lee roars in memory of a fallen hero
The “Jaime Lee” roars in memory of a fallen hero


The Galloway Patriot newspaper prized Civil War cannon, the “Jaime Lee” which was built primarily for use at military funerals by our Military Funeral Honor Guard, “Last Salute“, is also used to honor the military and veterans at special events.

Most often, the Jaime Lee is fired by an attending dignitary or special guest.  We would like to thank all those who have fired the Jaime Lee in honor of those who have served, sacrificed and preserved our freedom.

Below are just a few of the many who have fired the “Jaime Lee” to honor our nation’s military and veterans:

United States Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen

Medal of Honor recipient Hershel “Woody” Williams USMC, the last surviving MOH recipient from the battle of Iwo Jima

Medal of Honor recipient General James Livingston USMC

Medal of Honor recipient Walter “Joe” Marm ARMY

Medal of Honor recipient Robert Patterson ARMY

Congressman Jeff Van Drew

Congressman and Chair of the House Armed Services Committee and the House Committee on Intelligence, Frank Lobiondo

Galloway Police Chief Donna Higbee

Galloway Fire Chief Chuck Makintosh

Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian

Lacey Township Mayor Steven Kennis

JoAnne Saracini, sister of United Airlines Captain Victor Saracini, who was the pilot on flight 175 which hit the second World Trade Center tower September 11, 2001.

Colonel Daniel Mitola Judge Advocate for the 177th Fighter Wing

“Mrs. J”, Anna Jezycki who lost her niece on 9-11 at the World Trade Center

NYPD Police Officer Richard Braddish – Present at the towers on Sept. 11 2001

Galloway Twp. Police Officer and SWAT Team Member Gary Brenner

Galloway Twp. Mayor Don Purdy

Galloway Twp. Mayor Tony Copolla

Brigantine Police Chief James Bennett

Brigantine Fire Chief Tiger Platt

Senator Chris Brown

Atlantic City Fire Chief  Scott Evans

Atlantic City Police Chief Henry White

WW2 Marine Corps Veteran, Author and Community event organizer Ike Rucker

The Galloway Patriot newspaper is owned and operated by United States Marines Chuck & Jaime Knutson.  The cannon is a symbol of our continuing dedication to serve our country and honor those who served.

Our Military Funeral Honor Guard, “Last Salute” is the only Military Funeral Honor Guard outside Arlington with a cannon.

The "Jaime Lee" roars as it's fired by Police Chief Donna Higbee in front of the Smithville Inn on July 4th
The “Jaime Lee” roars as it’s fired by Police Chief Donna Higbee in front of the Smithville Inn on July 4th


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