NJ Launches Self Online Assessment For COVID 19 Here is The Link

New Jersey has launched an online tool so you can self assess whether or not you may have COVID 19 Coronavirus. You can use this self-assessment tool to determine if your symptoms match the symptoms of COVID-19.

Use the self-assessment tool to determine what actions you can take to protect you and your loved ones’ health and help determine whether you should be tested for COVID-19.

Testing is limited to individuals who have developed symptoms of COVID-19.

You can complete this assessment for yourself or on behalf of someone else, if they are not able. Your answers will also enable us to protect your community.

Please answer all questions as accurately as possible. For more information, visit https://self.covid19.nj.gov/

Even if you don’t think you have the virus, taking this online assessment will help you identify symptoms and learn more about the virus so that you can recognize it in yourself or others.

Please share this story and link with family, friends and neighbors so everyone knows about it and has access to it. Help seniors that may not be “tech savvy” to navigate the online tool.

Remember, wash your hands, stay inside and take care of each other.

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