We attended the Music Together class on January 9 at the Reformation Church on Route 9 in Galloway. Teacher Rosie had a full class of parents and children. She has been teaching the class for ten years. Rosie helps the parents of primarily toddlers, teach their children musical skills.
Rosie is a vibrant happy instructor that works very well with children. She leads them in singing and clapping. Rosie amazingly seems to remember each child’s name as she leads everyone in the first song, “Hello, Glad to See You”. The children were all smiles as they sang nursery rhymes with teacher Rosie and the parents.

Programs like this one are a great way for families to play and learn together. It is also a great way for Galloway families to interact with each other and allow children to socialize.

Rosie makes everyone feel welcome and quickly made the whole group friends. She has a collection of basic musical instruments for the children to use and experience.

Our son Magnus is a little shy but warmed up to the class once he was given a tambourine and a stick to hit it with. The class was very well organized and well-paced to keep the children engaged and busy.

Teacher Rosie teaches the class each week. For more information call 748-8309 or visit

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