Military Not Providing Funeral Honors For Those Who Deserve Them During COVID 19 Crisis

The VA has issued a statement that committal services and the rendering of military funeral honors will discontinue until further notice.

Governor Murphy initially stated that funerals could not be held at all but then changed the order to funerals may be conducted but only attended by immediate family.

Funeral directors were informed by the military that honors would not be rendered due to the potential danger of spreading the COVID 19 virus.

This has caused additional emotional stress on families that are already dealing with the overwhelming sadness of losing a loved one.

In Atlantic County NJ, Last Salute military funeral honor guard is still conducting services. Chuck Knutson, Sgt. at Arms of Last Salute has told area funeral directors that Last Salute will conduct modified military funeral honors during this crisis. This includes graveside services at a safe distance from the family with the folded flag being placed on a table so that the honor guard does not need to approach the family.

Funeral directors from out of the area are able to get flags folded by uniformed honor guard personnel simply by bringing the flag to Last Salute. Last Salute will play Taps, fold the flag and video the ceremony for the family. The family may also provide a prayer card of their loved one to be placed inside of Last Salute’s Prayer Box.

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