Executive Order Violation by Galloway Business Results in Fine

On 04-24-2020 at 3pm the Galloway Township Police Department charged owner Rafi Naman (39) of Galloway with 2 counts of violation of the Governors Executive Order #107.

Naman who owns and operates ‘The Tobacco Outlet’ at 254 E. Jimmie Leeds Rd. has been warned verbally by the Police Department 3 times in the last 4 weeks that he is not operating an essential business and therefore needs to remain closed during the COVID 19 crisis or until the Governor lifts the order. In defiance of the order and all 3 warnings granted to him in good faith by the police department, Naman began operating out of the rear of his business.

Upon being alerted by other local business owners currently closed due to being non-essential, that Naman was continuing to operate in violation out of the rear of his store and that he posted he was opened on his social media, Galloway Police arrived today to find him personally inside the store selling to customers. He was again advised to close and formally charged with the Violation of the Governors Order under the direction of the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

These are the types of incidents that we try to avoid with our business owners but have no other choice in defense of our compliant business owners. We want to thank all our business owners in town and hope that Mr. Naman does not require any further attention from the police department with regard to this matter. His actions are unsafe, clearly defiant and inconsiderate of other business owners in similar circumstances.

Chief Donna Higbee, Galloway Township Police

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