COVID 19 Cases Explode in NJ and The Atlantic City Convention Center Will Be a FEMA Hospital Site

The Number of COVID 19 cases in New Jersey soared yesterday to 3675 with 846 new cases in just one day as well as 17 deaths.

Positive cases in New Jersey are growing so fast that it is now one of the worst states in America for the virus.

People just are not taking enough precautions. They are still gathering in groups and not practicing social distancing.

It is absolutely critical that you stay home, stay away from everyone and wash your hands often. Set a timer on your phone for every fifteen minutes to wash or sanitize your hands. If you have to go out for groceries stay as far away from everyone as possible and wash everything off as soon as you get home. Spray the interior of your car with disinfectant.

Remember, it’s not just about you. We have to protect the workers at these stores or they want be there so we can get food for our families. With the shortage of medical supplies a chronic matter, simply tie a bandana or cloth around your mouth in case you cough. This will hopefully prevent small droplets of moisture leaving your mouth from contaminating anything. A man named Falcone in North Jersey coughed on a grocery worker intentionally and then stated he had the virus. He is being charged with a criminal act.

There are so many cases in NJ now and the number is increasing so fast that FEMA (federal emergency management agency) is going to use the Atlantic City Convention Center as a field hospital.

Wile we thought that we might be a little safer here in Southern New Jersey the spread of this virus is obviously moving so fast in our state that no are is exempt. If positive cases are moved to the convention center from other parts of the state, how long till Atlantic County is completely saturated with the disease?

Stay safe and stay home. Wash your hands.

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