Atlantic County Utilities Authority Asks Residents To Help Keep The System Working

The Atlantic County Utilities Authority (ACUA) is asking residents to help keep the sewer system working well. Wipes have long been an issue for wastewater systems everywhere. now, due to the Coronavirus crisis and stores unable to keep toilet paper on the shelves, many people are using disinfectant wipes or paper towels. Many of these toilet paper substitutes are not biodegradable or they break down very slow.

Please remember flushing them can clog your system and ultimately hurt the wastewater system overall.

Water is the best alternative for cleaning. You can shower right after using the bathroom or have a cup of warm water with you when you go and clean with that. Wash your hands very well if you use the latter method.

People who live off the grid or are in the military use the water method most often in the field as it provides the best results.

Amy Menzel the Communications Manager for the ACUA told us that at this time they have not experienced any additional problems with clogs from wipes and paper towels at the pumping stations or treatment facility. They want to keep reinforcing the message that only toilet paper should be flushed!

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