A Tribute to True Love as Seashore Gardens Living Center Residents Renew Their Wedding Vows

Residents, visitors and staff gathered on Thursday, February 27 to witness four resident couples renew their wedding vows on the Boardwalk at Seashore Gardens Living Center (SGLC). This ceremony was officiated by Katrina Schnepp, one of SLGC’s staff of social workers.
The four celebrant couples, Shirley and Howard Bernstein, Shelley and Jerry Bernstein, Isabel and Juan Hernandez, and Doris and Bernie Leibowitz, were presented with corsages and boutonnières as they arrived and took their places at the front of the room. After a warm greeting presented by Alysia Price, SGLC’s Executive Director, the event was turned over to Ms. Schnepp who directed the celebrants to hold hands and to respond positively to a series of questions. “Will you continue to have each other as your partner and continue to live in this marriage?” “Do you reaffirm your love for one another?” “Will you continue to honor and support one another through all the challenges life has to bring?”
Ms. Schnepp then went on to address the honorees. “You have shared the joys, the blessings, and yes, the challenges of married life for many years. And, today you wish to reconfirm your commitment. May this ceremony remind you that despite the stresses inevitable in everyday life, your love, respect, trust and understanding of each other will continue to increase your contentment and heighten your joy in living.”
The four couples and their attending families were then escorted to an adjacent reception where they enjoyed wedding cake and refreshments. The SGLC residents in attendance also enjoyed celebratory cupcakes.

Jerry and Shelley Bernstein
Doris and Bernie Liebowitz
Shirley and Howard Bernstein

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