Magnus Mud Run

MAGNUS MUD RUN 2018  August 18 at 11am

Start Time is always 11am at Galloway’s Municipal Complex


The Galloway Patriot newspaper’s Magnus Mud Run is an fun obstacle course scaled down for 3 to 8 year olds. There are great obstacles that children will enjoy while they build confidence and fitness. We have military trucks including Humvees and a huge 5 ton troop carrier. We have a big military style tent and also real U.S. Marines to help the kids on the course.

Start time for each event is 11:AM.

Here is where you register for the Magnus Mud Run at The Galloway Municipal Complex. The Magnus Mud Run is presented by The Galloway Patriot and Galloway Township. The event is for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old. Please register your child(ren) here. The Magnus Mud Run is FREE for all residents of Galloway (look for a coupon in the Galloway Patriot newspaper mailed to your home in July 2016) for others living outside Galloway Twp., there will be a $5 fee per child the day of the event to cover event costs.

Check out photos from our past great events.

Galloway Patriot’s August 2016 Magnus Mud Run

Galloway Patriot brings Magnus Mud Run to Boy Scout Camporee for Hundreds of Boy Scout to Run

Galloway Patriot Newspaper’s Magnus Mud Run June 2016

August 15 2015 Magnus Mud Run

June 2015 Magnus Mud Run

Magnus Mud Run Sept 2014 Photos

Boy Scouts Camporee Hosts Magnus Mud Run Photos

Magnus Mud Run July 2014 AWESOME!!!

Magnus Mud Run May 2014

Magnus Mud Run October 2013

Magnus Mud Run August 2013 Photos

Magnus Mud Run June 29 2013 Photos

Magnus Mud Run April 2013 Photos

and from our 2012 event HERE

The Magnus Mud Run is a Kiddie Confidence Course developed to help children build confidence while having fun.

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I agree to assume full responsibility for the safety of the registered children and will hold the Galloway Patriot, its owners, and Galloway Township absolutely harmless in any event. I certify that I am the parent or legal guardian of the child for which I am registering and will personally accompany the child to the event. I understand that it my responsibility to watch my child and assist my child as they negotiate the obstacles. I completely understand and accept that it is not the responsibility of the Galloway Patriot, its owners, employees or the Township of Galloway to watch my child or make sure that they are safe. I will not walk away from my child or allow someone else at the event to manage my child. I understand that it is my responsibility to decide if my child can safely navigate any and/or all obstacles. I understand that I must stop my child if they are acting in any manner which is unsafe for them or other children around them. I will make sure that my child behaves in a safe manner at all times. I will instruct my child to be safe at all times. I make a personal guarantee to cover any and all financial costs arising from any and/or all injury and that I will pay all legal, medical and or damages relief awarded in any legal action against the Galloway Patriot, its owners and/or the Township of Galloway.

Questions about the event or to be an obstacle sponsor, call 609-780-7432. All money raised goes to our Military Funeral Honor Guard to help provide services for veterans. LastSalute.US

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