Hummer H1 Humvee Repair & Maintenance in Atlantic County NJ

Hummer H1 Humvee Repair & Service in Atlantic County New Jersey

The experienced Hummer H1, Military Humvee mechanics of Last Salute military funeral honor guard are now available to help you with maintenance and or repairs to your Hummer H1 / Military Humvee.

As you know the AM General H1 Hummer/Humvee is an extremely capable and unique vehicle with special maintenance and repair requirements that differ substantially from a normal vehicle.

Most auto repair shops won’t even touch a H1 Hummer/Humvee and those that do typically do more damage than good.

Last Salute military funeral honor guard now offers these specialized services to owners of these amazing trucks. With proceeds benefitting our mission to provide free military funeral honor ceremonies. Not only will you get your H1 Hummer/Humvee serviced but you will be helping a great veterans service organization.

Last Salute H1 Hummer/Humvee service is available to all owners of the H1 Hummer/Humvee and will also work with Police Departments, Fire Departments, Municipalities, Counties or other organizations to keep their H1 Hummer/Humvee vehicle or fleet ready for service whether that service is search and rescue or daily driving.

Keep your H1 Hummer/Humvee ready for duty. Call 609-780-7432 to schedule service.

Last Salute does NOT work on the H2 or H3. Those are standard vehicles based on standard GM chassis and drive trains which can be serviced by most auto repair facilities.

Last Salute reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

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