The best things about Galloway include all the family friendly parks, the wildlife refuge, Noyes Museum, Historic Smithville Village, and of course the people. Now, J.O.R.B.A. (Jersey Off Road Biking Association) has stepped in to clean-up and maintain the county owned 350 acres at the end of Jimmie Leeds Road near the Stockton Seaview. Officially referred to as the “Seaview Trails”, the existing wilderness trails will be cleaned up, made more usable, and added to.
The mountain biking enthusiasts at J.O.R.B.A. have rehabilitated other wilderness and park areas in New Jersey for use by hikers, runners, bicycle trail riders, and nature lovers. They have a good relationship with the park services as they have built and maintained similar wilderness trails in Estell Manor adjacent to the Veterans Park.
Port Republic resident Gerry Creighton has played an integral part in putting all the pieces together so that we may all enjoy these new and improved wilderness trails. Gerry works with J.O.R.B.A. and is an expert mountain biker. He tells us that the primary mission of the organization is to help communities develop and maintain great wilderness trails for runners, hikers, and of course mountain bikers.
The Township of Galloway was most likely named for the largest forest in England, The Galloway Forest. It is incumbent upon us as residents of Galloway to preserve these open spaces in a manner such as these wilderness trails for the enjoyment of our families.
Deputy Mayor Tony Coppola and I discussed the project. He, like many, is very excited about the wilderness trail plan. Tony said that although the county owns the property, they don’t really maintain it. He is happy that J.O.R.B.A. will not only improve the trials but they will clean up storm damage like downed trees and pick up any garbage dumped on the land over the years.
This is a big project and we hope that everyone using the trails will help maintain them. What a great addition to our township and in such a great location. We would like to see either Stockton or the county designate one shoulder of Jimmie Leeds an official bike path with proper markings to provide enhanced safety for residents riding to and from the trails


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