Smithville Village Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Police Chief Donna Higbee fires a cannon to help celebrate Smithville Village’s 20th

The Coppola and Bushar families celebrated the 2oth Anniversary of owning Smithville Village this past Tuesday, January 31.  The village has gone through enormous changes since they took it over.  The two families have worked tirelessly to make it the wonderful and unique place that it has become.

The anniversary party was very well attended.  Chef Chris and his staff laid out a sumptuous and bountiful selection food.  For a few hours those in attendance indulged in fine food and spirits as well as live music.

The exclamation point was placed on the event when Galloway Police Chief Donna Higbee fired the Galloway Patriot’s Civil War Cannon, the “Jaime Lee”.

We thank the Coppola and Bushar families for all they have done and wish them another very happy 20 years.


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