All retired officers and their families were requested to attend the Galloway Township Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. They were recognized for their service to our Police Department and community with a commemorative plaque listing their names and badge numbers. All names were read and a photo of the retirees were taken. The plaque is displayed in the police station and will include all future retirees as well. The mayor and council declared May 14 – 20, 2017 “National Law Enforcement Week in Galloway Township”. After a proclamation was presented to Chief Higbee, a moment of silence for all fallen law enforcement officers and presentation of the colors by the Honor Guard.

During the Galloway Township Council Meeting on May 9, 2017 Mayor Purdy also presented a check to a representative of First Choice Fire E-One, Inc and accepted the title for a new fire truck for the Pomona Volunteer Fire Company. This truck was purchased without having to go to permanent financing! At the conclusion of the first half of the council meeting all in attendance gathered outside as Police Chief Donna Higbee fired the civil war cannon, “The Jaime Lee”, in honor of the retired officers being recognized and the christening of the new Pomona Fire truck.


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