Last Salute Honored by 4 Seasons Veterans Club

We were extremely honored to be recognized recently by the 4 Seasons Veterans Club.  The 4 Seasons Veterans Club gathers about once a month and often invites a speaker.  We were very pleased when they asked the Galloway Patriot newspaper to come discuss its “Last Salute” military funeral guard initiative.  As many of you know, the publishers of the Galloway Patriot are both veteran Marines and dedicate as much time as possible to community services.  Veteran’s issues and services are what we are most passionate about.


The Galloway Patriot formed a veteran’s organization for Marines called the “Marine Corps Veterans Direct Action Team” specifically to assemble local Marines to engage the community in a positive way.  As part of that effort, we formed a military funeral honor guard which we named “Last Salute”.  Last Salute includes Marines from the MCVDAT and the Absecon VFW Honor Guard.

The 4 Seasons Veterans Club was particularly interested in the effort and services provided by Last Salute.  It was our distinct pleasure to address the assembled veterans club.

We brought along our full size civil war cannon, the “Jaime Lee” to display along with other items which we use during ceremonies such as swords, rifles, bugle and flags.  We thoroughly enjoyed speaking about the free services we provide and answered questions afterword.

We would like to sincerely thank the club for the opportunity to speak to them and for the beautiful statue which they presented us.

Thank you for your service 4 Seasons Vets………..


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