Former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean talks to the Galloway Patriot

Galloway Patriot Publisher Chuck Knutson with Gov. Thomas Kean
Galloway Patriot Publisher Chuck Knutson with Gov. Thomas Kean

The Galloway Patriot was fortunate enough to get a quick interview with former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean prior to his receiving of a lifetime achievement award from Stockton University at the Stockton Seaview Resort here in Galloway Township.

CHUCK KNUTSON / GALLOWAY PATRIOT –  Have you heard that the new owner of the Revel wants to bring in a high-speed ferry from New York City to Atlantic City?

GOVERNOR KEAN – Really, Well, I think ferries have been very successful. I have introduced the ferry on both sides of the river. People said it was a waste of money and it was not going to work and it has been extraordinarily successful.

CHUCK KNUTSON / GALLOWAY PATRIOT –  Seems to work for the highlands as well.

GOVERNOR KEAN – We have the highland ferry that works so I think it is an imaginative idea and why shouldn’t we try it.

CHUCK KNUTSON / GALLOWAY PATRIOT –  if they will be able to keep it around 70-75 minutes each way I think it’ll be a big boom for the area.

GOVERNOR KEAN – The ferry will do better when it’s a little warmer but that’s alright

CHUCK KNUTSON / GALLOWAY PATRIOT –  Atlantic City’s current property tax issue in which the casinos are trying to pay a flat rate and shift the burden to surrounding communities is a very real concern locally.  What is your opinion?

GOVERNOR KEAN – That’s difficult to the surrounding communities. The problem we have with the area is that we sat for a long time.  Somehow the feeling was, we were going to be moving up in gaming forever.  We didn’t do anything and there were a lot of people out there that said you should take some of the money you got, to build a year round resort. You’ve got to pad against the day when Pennsylvania gets gaming and nobody did anything and the result is that now we have to play catch up ball and its difficult.  Atlantic city still has things that other places don’t have.

CHUCK KNUTSON / GALLOWAY PATRIOT –  Well Atlantic City should have been trying to be more like Monte Carlo instead of trying to be like Las Vegas.

GOVERNOR KEAN – That’s exactly right.

CHUCK KNUTSON / GALLOWAY PATRIOT –  I actually approached a few casinos with an idea to bring Formula 1 to Atlantic City and Governor Christie tried to get it in Little New York as you may know, next to the Hudson.  Atlantic City with Formula 1 would be just like the Monte Carlo race.

GOVERNOR KEAN –  I think you’re right on but we’ve still got to do it and we still got to make this city a place that people want to come to.  Those places in Pennsylvania don’t have boardwalks, they don’t have beaches. Any of the things we have here.  The Atlantic city of the 90’s never advertised itself as a place you want to bring your children

CHUCK KNUTSON / GALLOWAY PATRIOT – Who did you root for in the Super bowl?

GOVERNOR KEAN – I rooted against the Patriots



GOVERNOR KEAN –   actually Giants and Jets because I was a Giants fan always and the Jets were kind enough to let me talk them into coming to New Jersey so once them came I was rooting for them.



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