Chef Wars at The Renault Winery

This Friday the Renault Winery is hosting an evening with epicureans in mind. The Renault will present their highly anticipated “Chef Wars” event starting at 6:30. The Renault is world renowned for a good reason. It is the longest operating vineyard in America. It even operated during prohibition with a special license while all other wine producers were shuttered.

Renault Vineyards cover 1400 plus acres and produce 11,000 cases of wine and champagne a year. The wines and champagnes of Renault have won many prestigious awards.
Many people are unaware of the many vineyards in Southern New Jersey. Our area lends itself to producing exceptional quality wines and champagnes. There are now over 30 operating wineries in Southern New Jersey. The Society Page will start listing a directory of South Jersey vineyards this week. You can find more complete information about these vineyards at our new site,

We plan on organizing tours and events with these great wine vintners. One of our first events will be the “Vigneto Rally”. The Vigneto Rally will wind its way through approximately 100 miles of scenic Southern New Jersey back-roads and make stops at a number of Vineyards. The rally is open to select sports cars. You can find more information at
All of our sites are handheld friendly so don’t be afraid to access them with your smart phone.

If you enjoy great wine and great food, I suggest that you make a reservation at Renault for this Friday night. Join Jaime and I as well as Jon Henderson of The Atlantic City Beer Festival and his wife, Carol, for a night of decadent indulgence at the Renault Winery.

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