A Mother’s Thank You

Two weeks ago, my heart nearly stopped said Jennifer DiLuzio….she got a call that Bryce, her 18 month old son, had a seizure while at daycare. He was unresponsive and began turning blue. Bryce was rushed to the ER and treated right away. Jennifer said about his day care, Children Academy, “I knew he was in the right place but never knew the extent.” “There are no amount of thank you’s that can be said of their greatness. When illness struck Bryce without notice, they were there to hold my baby boy in their arms. Their reactions went without hesitation and were right on key. Their caring touch and loving hearts saved my baby boy. Not only did they stand by Bryce but were there for me too. They stayed with me at the hospital until family arrived, they were my rock and strenth through my weakest point.” She said, “they truly are my hero’s, they are the reason I can hold my little guy still. I will be forever grateful to the Children Academy staff, Ms. Lucie, Mr. Femi, Miss Azhanna and Ms. Bridget. I now kknow that when I drop my 18 month off every morning he is more than safe and loved.” A family truly indebted to the quick response and well trained staff the DiLuzio family thanks you.

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